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Property of the Rebel Library

Book 2 of 50 from the Truman possibles for 2020-2021

This was such a nice, light read. Well, listen. I finished this in three days while on the elliptical. I confess, I have been listening to books at 1.75 speed. I started this while listening to Sky in the Deep after realizing it was going to be over 9 hours on normal speed. 2.0 is too much, but I can handle 1.75.

The main character, June, is a reader. She loves all books, especially scary ones. She and her school’s librarian have a special relationship, and the librarian gives her suggestions for her next reads. That is, until June’s over-protective parents find a book that they deem not appropriate for their little girl.

June’s parents use their influence within the school to set off a series of events that rocks her normal, every day existence. All her books are taken, the school library is revamped, best friends change, and new relationships happen.

I absolutely adored June’s character. There was definitely growth in her throughout the book, and the book felt like something that could actually happen. It was well-written, and stayed true to how middle schoolers think and act.

I will say that I felt like there were a few story lines that just did not have any sort of resolution. June’s older sister, Kate, and her relationship with the rest of the family seemed very minimal and didn’t give me enough information or closure. Then June’s own relationship with her parents. It seemed like a lot more should have happened there. But maybe that is staying true to how life really is. Our parents are strict and strange when we’re in middle school/high school, and it isn’t until we grow up and look back that we truly understand. The last one that really left me wanting more was June’s relationship with Madison. I wanted them to have a moment together to talk things out.

For a middle-level book, this is really good. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t make it to the next round in August.

And yet another book where I did not cry at all! I’m getting better 🙂


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