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Marcus Vega Doesn’t Speak Spanish – a review

Yesterday, I started reading this book, and last night, I finished it. It was a very easy read, and I quite enjoyed it.

The main character is Marcus, and as everyone points out, he’s really big for a 14 year old. He uses his size to his advantage for a while to help him earn money, but I’ll let you read it to find out the different ways. They’re all pretty ingenious ideas.

But, while Marcus isn’t a bad kid, he finds himself suspended from school, and his mom (Mel) decides that during his week of suspension that she and Marcus, and Marcus’s little brother, Charlie, should regroup. To do this, she uses her perks from working at the airport to fly herself and her boys to Puerto Rico where she had been with the boys’ dad, whose name is also Marcus. Mel and older Marcus had been married, but have been divorced for some years, so younger Marcus doesn’t really remember him, and Charlie doesn’t know him at all.

Mel reconnects with Marcus’s (the dad) family, and they stay with them while on their vacation. Marcus (the son) decides that despite the negative comments about his father from pretty much everyone they encounter, that he has to see his dad.

I loved this book because of Marcus (the son). If nothing else, his relationship with his younger brother, Charlie, who has Down Syndrome, is just really sweet. It was an excellent book about the importance of family and finding out who you are.

For my students, I think a few of my 8th graders will like it, but I see the 6th graders liking it more.

And again, no tears!


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