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TBR – or will they be?

I saw that another blogger had posted about removing books from her TBR list, and I decided that it might be about time that I did the same. While I only have about a quarter of the amount of books on my TBR as she did, I still find it overwhelming to look at, especially as more and more books get released and added to the list.

I am writing this blog as I am working on this list. I am going to start with the books that I had added to my list when I first started tracking my books on Goodreads in 2013. So far, I feel like these books I want to keep. There are a few classics that I haven’t read yet, so they’re staying.

Okay – this is real life here. I can’t do it. I feel like nearly every book on my list is something that I still want to read. New idea. My reading goal for next year (even though I haven’t set it yet) is to read at least 100 books. I’m going to add a stipulation to that goal. At least 75 of them have to be on my TBR list. Eek!

At this moment I have 298 books on my TBR, I’m assuming that will go up as the Project Lit group announces more books for its list. But! It will be nice to make a dent in that with my goal for next year.

I hope you enjoyed reading my train of thoughts on this post and will help keep me accountable to my goal throughout the year. 🙂


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