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it hits you

out of nowhere

after you have felt ‘over it’

years later

a month

a week

it doesn’t matter

one day you’re fine

the person rarely enters your mind

the next


everything reminds you of them

the smell in the air

the way a stranger smiles

the emptiness in the halls as you go about your day

there’s no end

there are ebbs and flows

highs and lows

we learn to live without

but the pain remains

under the surface

ready to release

when we least expect it

it can cripple

but it can also make us appreciate what’s in front of us

and to love life

and make the most of what we still have

and to never take for granted

the moments we have

the love we feel

the people we cherish

forever I will miss you

and want one more moment

and want you to know your beautiful great-grandbabies

but instead

I will live each day to make you proud