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Freaking Summer School

Just this year, I told a parent at conferences that I would NEVER teach summer school. He laughed, and we talked about how important it was to take a break,recharge, and get away. Then my teacher friends started asking if I would do it. Again, I said no, no way, nu-uh, never going to happen.

I’m writing this from my desk…at summer school…waiting for the kids to arrive.

It’s day 5 of 20, and I have had my patience tried more in these days then the entire school year, and this year was ROUGH.

However, as I sit here thinking about my classes, I smile. I like these kids. In our district, the middle school summer school doesn’t really count for anything. They don’t get grades or extra credit. It’s just an extended learning time. These kids are coming here either because they really like school or because their parents do not have any other options for them. They get free breakfast, free lunch, air conditioning, and security for 20 days.

I know about the lives of some of these students. This school is their safe place. I try to remember that when they’re refusing to do work, talking out , rolling their eyes, or just being so wonderfully weird.

There is a lot of grace given during these 20 days. I’m trying to pour out as much love and patience and understanding that I can for these kiddos, and I am trying not to count down the days but to live in the moment with them.