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KC Taco Company Short Review

Everyone has a favorite food. A food that even if you had it for lunch, you’d eat it again for dinner. For me, that is tacos.

Ever since I was a child, if it was my turn to pick dinner, I would choose Taco Bell. Now, I know, I know…Taco Bell? But, as a kid, this was my first introduction to the delicious taco!

Over the past few years, I have made a point to try out different Mexican restaurants and taco joints. Last week, we finally made it to KC Taco Company in the River Market.

The restaurant, while small, had a nice, comfortable feeling to it. We went on a warm day, so there were some outside tables set up. Inside there was a bar with seating and maybe a dozen tables, many of them high tops. The decor was bright and a little eclectic. Every worker we interacted with was pleasant and helpful.

We went on a Wednesday, which was all day happy hour! They had a kids’ menu, so our daughters were satisfied that they didn’t have to venture away from their very limited list of foods they will eat. My husband and I both got two tacos. My choices were the Adobo Chicken (pictured left) and the Thai-Chili Shrimp (pictured right). They. were. delicious!!! I’m not a food critic, so I don’t have the fancy words to describe how flavorful the tacos were. Just know, they were yummy. I definitely liked the Thai-chili one more than the chicken one, but neither one disappointed.

(No free chips and salsa here, but they’re worth buying. The chips were fresh and the salsa was very tasty!)


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