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Top Ten Tuesday

Childhood Favorites

I stumbled across these Top Ten Tuesdays thanks to the suggested blogs on WordPress. Here is the origin story of Top Ten Tuesday and how to get involved.

I’ll be doing this in no particular order.

I can vividly remember reading Three Little Kittens with my grandpa.

Pretty sure I loved A Sister for Sam because I wanted a younger sibling more than anything as a kid. My mom just always told me that wasn’t possible. I didn’t realize until I was older the real reason.

First book I ever remember crying about while reading.

This book was the most popular book in my class during 3rd grade. We had waiting lists for it all year. Also, going to a super conservative school, the page with the boy in the shower was edited as to not show his tushy.

The ENTIRE SERIES. I owed the whole series, and I was determined to start my own club. I can remember going to the used book store and trading out other books or using my store credit for the next in the series.

I can’t remember if I watched the show first or read the book, but I loved them both.

Remember that super conservative school? Well, they had a bit of influence over the books our parents allowed us to read, so I was NOT allowed to read Sweet Valley High until I was probably too old to actually read and enjoy the series. But, I could read these. I loved series books so I could follow the characters, and it was probably this series and Babysitter’s Club that made me want to start writing.

During my review of City of Ghosts, I confessed that ghost stories were not my favorite types of stories. However, when I was a kid, I LOVED them. Another story about the conservative school, when we had the Scholastic books orders, we had to sit and cross out all the titles we weren’t allowed to order. Except during 5th grade. My teacher handed us the list, and we ordered whatever we wanted. This was probably against the rules, but I think he cared more about us actually reading than the stupid rule. That’s where I first got this book.

My 3rd grade teacher read this book to us, and because I loved her so much, I think that made me love the books. I tried to read them to my oldest daughter when she was younger, and I found myself bored by them. She didn’t like them either, so we stopped and found something else.

So…when does childhood actually end? I was a junior in high school when Harry Potter was first published, and I think I was actually in college when I read the first book. But! My oldest and I have bonded over the books, and our entire family is just a little obsessed. It has to go on my list, and I will only put the Sorcerer’s Stone (Sorry, I’m from America.) even though it isn’t my favorite in the series.


17 years of teaching experience 100s of books read

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